Points to be noted before u download the books
1) Register in 4shared website to download the books.
2) Unzip the rar files after u download by using any rar/zip software.
3) Password to open rar files is jntuworld.com
4) Subjects having * Symbol Requires Djvu Software to open the files

Advanced Computer NetworksBook 1Book 2
Advanced Java ProgrammingBook 1Book 2
Advanced Java & Web TechnologiesBook 1Book 2
Chemical Reaction Engineering-IIBook 1
Computer ArchitectureBook 1Book 2Book 3
Computer NetworksBook 1Book 2
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsBook 1Book 2Book 3
Design of Machine Members IIBook 1Book 2
Design & Drawing of Concrete Structures IIBook 1
Digital Signal ProcessingBook 1Book 2Book 3
Geo-Technical Engineering-IBook 1
Heat TransferBook 1
Management ScienceBook 1Book 2
Mass Transfer Operations IIBook 1
Microprocessor & MicrocontrollersBook 1Book 2
Micro Wave EngineeringBook 1
Object Oriented Analysis & DesignBook 1Book 2
Power Semi Conductor DrivesBook 1Book 2
Power System AnalysisBook 1Book 2
Process Dynamics and ControlBook 1
Process Engineering EconomicsBook 1
RoboticsBook 1Book 2
Unix Programming *Book 1Book 2Book 3
Utilization of Electrical EnergyBook 1
VLSI DesignBook 1
Water Resources Engineering IIBook 1

Remaining Books will be updated soon

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